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VISION To become a pioneering institution in this state with an aim of empowering students with education and helping them develop into responsible citizens with sound moral and ethical values and providing them the intellectual stimulus so that they can prove their worth in the cause of society and the country as a whole.

 To present a larger picture of the world by imparting an education that will not only be in consonance with gainful employment but also makeup for areas neglected or overlooked in the past, so that the students march off into the world laden with a sense of confidence, vigour and enthusiasm to meet its challenges.
 To create a teaching-learning environment that is in consonance to the pursuit of knowledge and the building up of corresponding skills. To acquaint the student with the development of education and incorporate such developments in the curriculum.
 To focus in the area of personality development of each student and to inculcate a positive attitude by developing leadership qualities in them. Making them aware of the responsibilities that they must shoulder towards society at large and also sensitize them of their duties towards the lesser prieveleged sections of society.
 To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.